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Sports massage - Rangiora, North Canterbury

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Many people ask, ‘Why is a sports massage of benefit? So I thought I’d write a quick blog explaining some of the benefits of a sports massage both pre an event and post an event or as part of your monthly training programme. Sports massage helps to alleviate muscular tension & inflammation associated with exercise & the overuse of specific muscles used in a sporting activity.  Whether you’re an elite competitive athlete or a recreational athlete, a regular massage is a great tool to factor into your training schedule as strains, tears & imbalances can be prevented or greatly reduced.  Tense muscles can restrict joint movement and so we become more inflexible, our movements are restricted & therefore we are more prone to injury. Whilst training for an event or as part of your lifestyle choice, sports massage can help heal  problem injuries – alleviate chronic problem areas & deal with any old injuries & scar tissue.  Regular sports massages will also aid in quicker recovery after workouts or injuries.  A sports massage helps to do all of the above by increasing blood circulation, realigning muscle fibres and relaxing lingering sore/tense areas.   A sports massage can leave some people feeling like they have just had a workout but this all depends on your personal body & fitness.  Like exercise the more regular your massages…the more the cumulative benefits.  Because of these benefits massage  is good as preventative maintenance. Sports Massage can be used before an event to stimulate circulation, loosening & warming up the group of muscles that are to be used & to prepare the body for optimum performance.  Sports Massage is not to be used instead of a warm-up!  A massage can also enhance your psychological state – reducing stress & anxiety & encouraging focus.  When scheduling a pre-event massage, that is not on the day of activity, please ensure you do so 3-4 days ahead to lessen any cumulative effects. A Sports Massage after an event, post event, tends to be lighter and more calming & relaxing, helping to reduce muscular tension & promote muscle relaxation leading to a quicker recovery time.  A post event sports massage can also reduce inflammation by flushing out metabolic-by-products that build up during high intensity sport. In my opinion if an opportunity arises where massage is offered after you have finished your sporting event, take advantage of them if you can as these can be very beneficial to how you feel the next day! The team from Head 2 Toe Massage Rangiora will be at the Mt Oxford Odyssey on Sunday the 21st of May offering 15min massages for $20. Pick up a flyer from our tent for a special discount at Head 2 Toe Massage Rangiora, North Canterbury. Sports massage allows you to –Play harder...Perform better! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries and we will happy to clear them up for you.  Head 2 Toe also offers Sports Massages at the clinic in Rangiora.

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