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Ways to use essential oils at home

Essential Oils can be hugely beneficial used at home in so many ways.  Essential oils interact with the body through the nose and skin and even just surrounding yourself with the energetic value of oil has benefits.

Massage – there is nothing better than a good massage to relieve aches & pains & help let go of physical & emotional tension.  As well as relieving stress, massage is a great way to administer essential oil onto & into the body.  Two of our favourites at Head2Toe Massage are Lavender and Lemongrass. Lavender is good for absolutely everything and is a great oil to be added to others. An effective oil to help alleviate stress & relax those tense muscles we so often see. Lemongrass is effective for both the mind - helping with mental fatigue & the body - helps relieve aches & pains & stimulates circulation .  

Vaporisation – This is a great way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils & create an effective antiseptic air freshener and mood enhancer at the same time.    Bath – the ultimate way to relax!  As you soak, the pores of your skin open & absorb the essential oils. As your body relaxes & unwinds with the warmth of the water & you start to inhale the wonderful aromas, you begin to feel physically & emotionally revived.  Ensure your bath water is not too hot! Footbath – if a bath is unavailable, a footbath is the next best thing to relax & balance the body.  A bowl with warm water, some Epsom salts & a few drops of essential oil, Peppermint is my favourite, can be a great way to end a busy day.  Alternatively, for extra benefits, alternating between hot & cold footbaths is a great way to relieve swollen aching feet & tension headaches. The alternating footbaths help polarise the extremities & stimulate reflex points in the feet.

Compress – Compresses are beneficial in both skin care & first aid. Hot compresses are extremely beneficial for chronic & deep muscular pain, while cool compresses are excellent of acute injuries, high temperatures or headaches. Place a cloth in a basin of warm water that has had 3-4 drops of essential oils added, squeeze gently to remove excess water & place onto skin.

Inhalation – This is great if you need a ‘pick me up’ or some relief from the symptoms of a head cold or chest, nasal & sinus congestion. Fill a bowl with very hot water (not boiling) & add 1-2 drops of essential oil, agitate, then lean over the bowl with a towel over your head.  Breathe in the steam for 1-2 mins.  Eucalyptus is a great oil for the respiratory system

Direct Application – if you burn yourself or receive an insect bite or sting or a pimple appears, a direct application of Lavender or Tea Tree oil may be beneficial. Apply sparely as oils are highly concentrated. As you can see there are many ways to incorporate essential oils into our daily lives and the list goes on.  If you have any questions then feel free to chat to one of our therapists here at Head2toe Massage in Rangiora as we thoroughly enjoy chatting about the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils.   If you'd like to book an Aromatherapy Massage then just give us a ring or book online.  Remember is you book an aromatherapy massage during the month of August you will automatically go into a draw to win a pack of essential oils.  We have 4 unique blends available for you to add to your massage oil.

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